Lonestar Social Services 

Services Provided

Adoption Home Assessments

Lonestar Social Services now offers Adoption Home Assessments and Adoption Home Inspections. Our services network includes qualified professionals who are thorough and objective when working with families who wish to adopt. These professionals have been trained to meet the highest quality standards in adoptive home assessments. Whether you are a couple wishing to adopt, or a single adult who feels moved to adopt a child, we can meet your needs at prices that are competitive with other agencies. We understand the emotional highs and lows that accompany this process as most of our workers are adoptive parents themselves. As such, we enjoy bringing together children with loving homes.

First Aid and CPR Training

Lonestar Social Services CPR/First Aid Training Center Provides Basic Life Support (BLS) courses in CPR and First Aid to anyone who wants to learn how to save a life.  All BLS courses taught by certified instructors, and  are official American Heart Association courses. Upon successful completion of the course students will be issued an official American Heart Association completion card.  

When attending a class please wear loose comfortable clothing and anticipate being on your hands and knees, bending, standing and lifting. If you have any physical conditions that may prevent you from doing these activities, please tell the registrar during registration. The CPR Program Coordinator will work to accommodate your needs within the stated course completion requirements.

Home Safety Planning

There are many dangers in the home that we all overlook. To keep children safe it is important to recognize all the dangers, and take precautions to assure they are protected. Our OSHA certified safety specialist can make recommendations for securing your home for foster care or adoption. Not a handy person? That's ok we offer instillation of all safety products.